Spooky season and history of bogeyman

Hello friends! Guess what time it is!? It is spooky season! Let me ask you a question really quick. When you were a kid, did you ever get told about the bogeyman by your parents ? As a threat to go to bed and stay there or as a bit during a campfire story time? Well, I sure did! And if you can guess by the title of the post it is all about the bogeyman. Or boogerman if you are in my family. Let’s talk about this “monster”.

The boogeyman, also called boogeyman, boogie woogie, boogie monster, and other names. This “monster” was usually used by parents to promote good behavior from children through scaring them to death. Good job. This monster is the reason we would look under the bed, check the closets, and or be terrified of the dark. I don’t think personally that it made any of us behave. Just scared us. It was often depicted in a masculine manner. But mostly could be considered androgynous.

The boogeyman or boogie woogie or ya know, could hone in on specific bad behaviors. And just a way for the parent or guardian to add as a warning to them for their misbehaving. Pretty shitty looking back on it now.

The origins of the bogeyman is kind of all over the place. Trying to really pinpoint was hard most say that it could have started in the 1500’s. It may be a evolution of the hobgoblin. Hobgoblins were nast creatures who pull pranks and do other little nasties. Wonderful. In the 19th century we can see the word bogey pop up.

Other cultures have their own version of the bogeyman. But almost all the telling are similar in nature. So the bogey man is pretty universal.Multi cultural. The name Bogey may derive from a mid English word Bogge or Bugge meaning terror or scarecrow. A basically a thing of dread. Sack man as well in Latin countries , basically a man with a sack on his back that carries naughty children away. Similar legends are found in other parts of Europe and parts of Asia. In some Brazilian folklore the boogeyman is female and depicted as an old lady with a sack or alligator type woman. Called the Cuca.

In Germany Butzemann , this version takes on many appearances. Like a gnome or a man or a ghost or devil. In America the Cherokee nation even has a booger dance , this is held during the Corn Festival or late fall or winter . Young Cherokee men put on masks and use them to fright children into being good and make fun of politicians. And basically mock white people(justified if I may say so)The booger dance performers were called Booger men. The boogermen would discreetly would sneak away from the party fun and come back dressed as the boogermen in their colorful masks. Masks could be made of gourds, animals skins, and wood. The boogermen would act out as malevolent spirits who oppose the Cherokee.The dance and accompanying music is supposed to drive away the spirits. Basically the principle is similar when it comes to the bogeyman. Where was this music and dance when I was a kid hiding under the covers from the boogeyman? Would have helped.

Now the appearance of the bogeyman depends on culture. There are often some shared characteristics. Many are depicted as having claws, talons, and sharp teeth. Majority would have a more spirit body. Or even straight up demons. Yikes. Ok and witches..(really?😐)

There are also some that say the bogeyman has animalistic features. The personally is mostly for frightening children. But then there are some that steal kids at night for not going to sleep. And then the creature would eat the kids. Pretty freaky right?

Now boogeyman can be applied to even people today. To describe how nasty or evil someone is. I remember hearing somewhere that even Caesar (actually pronounced Kaesar) was called a bogeyman by Cicero “Though airiness and energy of that boogeyman are terrifying “ . And if that is true then the bogeyman is even older that we thought. I am trying to find where I heard that! Once I do I will update my sources! Countless serial killers were even called the bogeyman by media to basically scare people into being safe or to add a bit of theatrics. Not that many of them needed that..I mean come on. Ok heard it on ruining history

So yeah the boogeyman, countless fables and stories surround this thing. Movies have been made about the boogie man. If there is one thing that has stood the test of time it is the boogieman.

Thank you for reading!

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