New Selkie dress and If Ancient rulers had Twitter..

Got a new Selkie dress! It’s so pink!! And I love it!!! And my brain while dealing with instagram being dead today was “what if ancient rulers had Twitter?” Yes my brain went there. Of all the things… it went there. Because of course it did. Researching on Pinterest homeschool history ideas and then I started watching some history docs and then did laundry. Ahh the brain of someone with ADHD. Marvelous isn’t it?

Take someone like Caligula for example, can you imagine either how hilarious his Twitter would be. Or on the other hand how terribly terrifying. We don’t really know exactly what he was like since his biography was written long after he was dead. The victors write the history after all!

I can only imagine what it would like. Would he openly tweet about treason trials? Granted yes,they are 2000 years ago so would it make sense? Unless of course there was some weird Doctor Who kind of times wimby thingeroo.And yes, I made Fake tweets because I am insane. And it was funny to do. It still makes you think. How would they perceive our technology?

Would they look at us in awe and amazement at our achievements of a world connected. Would they google what happened to their empires? Would Hatshepsut book an appointment right away with a dermatologist? And stop using carcinogenic creams? Would she feed into the beauty culture? Would Elagabalus be seen and heard and embrace who he/she really was and feel accepted by the more embraceable people of today? If you don’t know who Elagabalus is, read this post I did right Here .

I think about weird stuff like this time to time. I also call this waiting room contemplation. I spend a lot of time waiting with my boys on appointments. So, the brain wonders. And my brain goes here. I think if August had Twitter would he just be going back and forth with Antony? Things like this by the way do not keep my butt up at night. But, wondering about the fact that the cartoon Bluey is so relateable.

So, ending this post after the weirdness. I want to talk about this Selkie dress. Yes, as I said earlier, this dress is new! I saw this dress on Selkie’s instagram and loved it! So much I had to buy it! I bought a size large. And the dress fits well. I want to wear it again with a corset! For me, the dresses fit better with a corset! I can not wear without a bra, that is for sure! And while they are expensive, I use Klarna to buy them . And that works for me, 4 payments 2 weeks apart no APR % . (Not sponsored) I have used klarna for awhile.

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