Fall vibes and summer highs.

Ok so it is still hot as Hades here in Florida! The highs were still in the upper 80’s and into the 90’s! I mean it isn’t a shocker, it is always like that. Living Florida you just expect it to be hot all the time. But you know a different temp now and then would be nice. Just saying.

So while everyone else will start wearing the fall outfits and boots and such. We here in the hotter states will still be in summery attire. Summery dresses and sandals and all that. Not that I am complaining. Cause we get more wear out of our summer clothes. And we can wear fall colors but in mostly cooler clothing. Because you know, heat stroke.

So here I am wearing a brightly colored shirt and (ready for this?) denim Levi’s! As well as some cute bejeweled heels from Shein.

But even though it is the season of jewel tones, one thing to keep in mind is that bright colors will still be here. People are really getting in touch with their true fashion selves since the pandemic started. I have seen more people dress how they want and less how society thinks they should. Bright colors, ball gowns because they want to be fancy with garbage day, embracing new aesthetics like cottage core, princess core, Disney bound, mushroom core, fairy core, historical dressing, the list goes on. And I am all here for it!

Are you?

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