Dare To be different or not

dare to be different or not

Ok so first off, I have been unable to see comments on my instagram for several days now. My engagement is shit on my main page anyway, but it gotworse recently. I have a feeling I have been shadow-banned.  AGAIN. I don’t use bots, I don’t buy followers(obsviously) , but I guess since I have been unfollowing accounts that I followed as part of mom loops an crap I guess instagram is lie NAH WOMAN!!! Now on to the post!


When you read all the stuff there is about growing on Instagram and social media they talk about hashtags and all that crap. But also to be different, to be you. Which everyone should just be themselves. However, on instagram when you strive to be true to yourself and edit pictures the way you want and now how everyone else seems to, the potential for lack of growth is hard it seems. In the same breath these “experts” say to be unique they also say to look at your fellow people in your niches and do what they do.

It is easy to fall into that trap. I know I did. It is hard not to. You see their success and want it for yourself. So, you try to mimic what they do, down to the filters, the posing, the styling of the post. You get lost in the themes of your feed. After all that is what the big accounts have and most successful ones have. But yeah be original and be unique.

I have been testing out my creativity, and seeing if one way of pictures gets more likes vs the other. Daring to be different or not.

And I think that instagram peoples like the boring old pictures more. The stylelized instagram perfection. Not the fantastical kaleidoscope that I would love to do. I guess it just doesn’t fit there. And does it fit on my blog? Well yeah. But Instagram maybe not? I am not sure, considering even if someone says so I can not see it!


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