Stranger things and butterfly wings.

I am having a bit of creative boom. Yes. I feel so wonderful. And my brain is on fire! I have decided to bring back the YouTube channel! Decided to go a different direction picture wise and do what I really wanted to do all along with my photos for my fashion blog ! Stranger things butterfly wings and let’s talk about my plans for the future of Glamorouslysteph !

So let’s talk the YouTube channel. I had such high hopes for the channel. And it just went to hell. First I don’t get much time to film anything. And the subject matter which is history requires research and all. I have to revise and edit the subject and then the video once I am done. The filming process is constantly interrupted by kids and my spouse who all of a sudden needs to chat and ask what I am doing. Followed by an annoyed attitude that I’m doing this. Mind you I would never do that to him: and honestly this is something I really need to do for me. I need an outlet. I have my blog which has proven to be hard to run because of the same reasons. No one believes in me and what I can do. It is always on the can’t do and shouldn’t do and telling me these things.

It is maddening! So anyways, I am reviving the channel! I am bringing it back! Not that it went anywhere to begin with it just took a back seat. The playlist will be a bit of amateur anthropology. And I will also tie it into my blog.

I am thinking of filming the blog for YouTube on Saturday and edit Sunday. And maybe Monday as well and upload on Tuesday to YouTube. My fist upload in forever and I am excited about it!

So yeah, that is what I will be up to. Hopefully. I know it will be difficult considering but I am excited to try. And then the way my photos are on instagram and the blog. IO have always loved a more fantastical editing style and am finally going for it. YEs, I am loosing followers but I am really kind of over Instagram so much. They keep screwing up things and the app has not been the same since the chronological feed was tossed.IT has been so hard to grow and that has many influencers resorting to more comment and follow pods. And also like pods. Trying to trick the system. But honestly, as someone who tried that out. It didn’t feel real. It was not honest. It was not real engagement. And brand are really looking at that crap now. They can check.ALso, I was following accounts that do not line up with personal beliefs or views. Or accounts that were not something I would be interested in normally. And also spam accounts and things like that. This all did not sit well with my inner self. So I left ALL pods and such. YEs I lost followers and I am sure I will loose more. But all that worry takes the fun out of Instagram. OR rather what fun is left of it.

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  1. Please keep posting. I discovered you here on WordPress. I’m in a similar situation with kids and trying to find time to do everything relatedto my art and craft. Interruptions are constant. I feel your struggle because I’m there too. What is your youtube channel link? I’m also on youtube and I would love to follow you.

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