Venus Selkie Puff dress.

Ok, I think it is safe to say that I have a bit of a Selkie obsession. Just a bit. I think? Yeah I do. I have a problem. But it is a good problem to have and the husband likes these dresses too. I guess for obvious reasons. AHEM. The dress I am wearing is the Venus puff dress by Selkie.

Venus, was the ancient Roman goddess of LOVE. But before that she was an ancient goddess associated with cultivated fields and gardens. I guess associating her with love was a better Idea to the Romans after they took a look at Greece.She as a goddess was not widely worshiped in the early Roman kingdom(before it became a republic) She didn’t have a special priest or Flamen. She did have two temples at the start one being in Lavinium and the other located at Ardea. It wouldn’t be long before she made her way to Rome. She was the daughter of Jupiter and of Dione, was the wife to Vulcan and mom to Cupid. She was most known for her romantic affairs with gods and mortals.

As Venus Verticordia she is the goddess of chastity in women and girls. BUH.

PS. Venus Erycina had a day called Dies Meretricum or (sorry) PRostitutes day. This was April 23. Fun times.

The importance of this deity would later come with the ambitions of a certain family or clan. Gens Iuliaor Julius Caesar . And that of Roman emperor Augustus.

Venus is constantly used in art throughout history after her inception. Most famous is the painting “the birth of Venus “ painted in 1485 by Sandro Botticelli as well as the Venus de Milo statue from 150 BCE.

Now from a witchy standpoint, ahem.Venus takes on a lot of Aphrodite’s attributes. To me, she is essentially the same goddess. Considering her traits were copy and pasted from Greece to Rome.

If you want to encourage some more self love and such call upon her for guidance. Her symbols are the mirror and feminine symbols. Be sure to leave an offering to her (I plant roses in her name). Her day of the week is Friday and planet Venus (duh)


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