Must have spooky nails

Must have spooky nails
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OK, It is that time of year again! I know it is seemingly early for holidays but the last two years or going on two years are absolutely shit. We need some goodness. And while I USED to be all separate holidays. I am not like that now. Funny how things like kids and pandemic can change one’s outlook on what brings joy.

And if that means decorating for Halloween now, then do so friends. Do it and go all out! Dont let those negative Karens tell you otherwise.

SO, this post is about nails! YEah. Nails. YEA! Here is the thing. I have nail beds that just don’t like polish or acrylics. OR nail strips or even press on nails. I gave up on wearing the acrylics . I wanted to have pretty nails though and I found these awesome nails when out shopping for toilet paper of all things. The nail sets were or ARE by Kiss and Sinful colors. EAch kit comes with nail press ons and the Kiss comes with Glue. The Kiss nails glow in the dark!!!

Kiss nails start at $7.99

Simful colors starts at $7.98

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