What is Dopamine dressing?

What is Dopamine dressing?
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I swear I am not having a weird fever dream here. This is an actual thing! Dopamine dressing or dopamine style. I know what you are thinking, because at first I thought it too! What the hell is dopamine dressing? Let 👏🏻me👏🏻 tell 👏🏻you.👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

I first saw this on a headline from refinary29(article here)and I had to click. And the rabbit hole of dopamine dressing was soon realized. So again what in Zeus’s feathery swan butt is it? Ok,hear me out.

I’m going to tell you, a simplified version, that is .

So, during the heights of the pandemic we were in comfy mode. We all started to realize that life was pretty poopie. Then it happened a transition period between awful Covid and vaccine roll out. Restrictions started to lift and fashion was reflecting the mood of the time.

I guess people were calling it hot vax summer on Tiktok. I guess. Anyways, people started to dress for their mood.They wanted to feel good about themselves and maybe their new fashion tastes. Bright colors popped up all over and the trend of dressing happy is here to stay. Colors booosting moods have taken center stage in many people’s clothes. Dressing to make one’s self happy is the very center of dopamine dressing. I am no exception.

For far too long have I dressed for what others may think. Like I find myself going “what would so and so say about this look?” “Would they make fun of me?” “ is this going to be taken like my mental health? With it being a grab for attention or just do not like it .

But, whatever the case if you dress because of others or dress to “fit in” you are missing out! Do you, be happy! And screw needing a reason! Dopamine all the way!

Read to your littles!

Dress Selkie ritz puff dress

Crown shein

Decor Target

Hair bellami

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  1. Amazing!! I would have never thought about that without this post, but yes I definitely dopamine dress now! But with comfort still I am not giving that up!

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