Adhd and me

I was recently diagnosed with ADHD this summer. It was during my appointment with my psychiatrist with Cerebral. Which is not a bad service it just didn’t work out for me. Lack of privacy at home and all. So, let me talk about adhd and me. And how it affects my life.

Now , before I dive into me. Let me say most testing where general characteristics of things like Autism and ADD or ADHD have mostly been done on boys or men. Not much was done on girls and women. And while boys and girls have many of the same characteristics for ADHD there are some things that affect us differently. Our hormones can play a big part in us having more off days than not. And often times girls and women get miss diagnosed as BIpolar instead of leaning to ADHD or even AUtism. We tend to have Anxiety and depression problems and often when coupled with BPD, the ADHD gets pushed to background and then the medication we may need to get things done and get us in gear are not given. Or hormones are ignored and we do not get medication that will help more around our cycles. OR menopause.

Now, I have been trying to find a doctor who will help treat me and be a starting support for my ADHD and autism. And I can only find doctors or psychiatrists who will treat the anxiety and depression. Was immediately told that the psych I found would NOT prescribe uppers and does not treat ADHD or Autism. Only anxiety and depression. Like what the hell?! BAck to the drawing board. AGAIN! And with this ADHD I get into what I call pits of dispair and don’t feel like doing much. And then days where I have to do everything and clean it all! This is how my brain works.

it makes it so hard sometimes to be a mom and have these things going on. The masking I have had to do my whole life and let me tell you masking whether you are Autistic or ADHD or both is tiring. Want to know why we are tired all the time? We have to mask to hide the fact we are struggling and we are different. And some time are worse than others. I am going to actually start marking down when I notice my “symptoms” worsen and such in correlation to my cycle.

It may help the doctors. Well, when I can actually find one that will help me.

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