Instagram change strike again

As if things with instagram wasn’t hard enough. You know trying to grow your brand or business. Getting people to actually see your content is a royal pain in the butt. And it is getting harder and harder. Instagram had to go and do it again. Instagram changes strike again!

So what in the hell did they do this time? Well, let me tell you! Go get a coffee and have a seat. They have decided that their photo sharing platform is no longer a photo sharing platform. I am not even joking.

According to the big wigs at Instagram, their studies have shown that apparently users want a more video service and shopping and ads. You can feel free to eye roll. Basically it is as if YouTube and tiktok had a baby with ads thrown in and people or things you don’t follow pop up in your feed with ads thrown in there. Yes… because that is what the users reaaaaaalllly want. Ugh.

Here is the stuff right from Instagram:

I don’t really know if their results for what users want is accurate. Because most people, in fact everyone so far is stating the opposite. They want chronological order back and keep the photo sharing. If they wanted YouTube they would go there if they want tiktok they would go there. But as usual instagram ignores the actual users and goes to what they say is the reason. Like with the algorithm changes that just made everyone mad.

It is hard enough to try and grow on instagram. And I think it is only getting harder. If your main platform for being an “influencer” is instagram you may want to invest in a bLog . And once these changes come in the next couple of months where will all of us who prefer to share pictures go? VERO? (Which you can follow me there!

So now growing on Instagram seems like such a far off thing. And I am going to put more energy here and still post there but may end up doing more on VERO. It is chronically ordered guys! And you can put links in the post!


Then of course there is good old Twitter. And then tumblr. I’m not sure what will happen next but I do know a lot of users are going to be pushed out of the app. And that just sucks.

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  1. It’s disappointing to see the change yet again. I’ve had to accept that if I post on Instagram it has to be in reels and that those reels lose exposure after 24hrs. It’s disappointing but that is the direction the platform is going. I’ve been trying to figure out where all the photographers and illustrators are migrating to. Making videos is hard.

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