Feeling split in two

I am currently sitting here with a sinus infection and dealing with some serious I don’t know if it is what they would call imposter syndrome or if I and just being split in two. But, I feel that way. And it really sucks.

On one hand I am a mom and While sometimes I feel I fail at that personally. What mom doesn’t from time to time?

I swear I have been sick now for ever. It really feels that way. Today, I am having a rough day. And this blog post being all over the place is probably reflecting that. I feel split in two, one part of me is going going going. Do do do. And the other part of me is like SLOW iT DOWN AND DO FOR YOU FOR A Bit. That bit is harder to do. I feel like I do not get the time to do that. I feel so split between the balance of momlife and off duty mom life. I guess the thing is, I do not have the luxury of the off duty mom. And that is ok, really what mom lately has that luxury?

I Love my kids and my mom life, but there has to be a balance to be learned. Do you ever feel this way?

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