You don’t need permission to wear the dress

This is like my fourth dress from Selkie. I swear I am obsessed with this puffy girly brand. One thing I hear a lot wearing fancy stuff like this, although I don’t consider it so, is I don’t have anywhere to wear it to. As if you need permission to even wear it at home or to parent pick up. In this pandemic era we need to stop seeking validation for why we wear certain things. Think about it, people used to dress in beautiful things even if they were just going for a walk!

See this video here of a fave creator! You will have to go to priorattire .

Anyways, the thing is if you wait to wear things you really want to you will miss out on the opportunity to wear them even once! You know that outfit that you have been let hang in your closet and collect dust. Go to your closet get that outfit or dress or hell even that unicorn ones pajamas and wear the hell out of it! IT is for your own mental health to do so and also it will feel so good.

So go on and wear the dress!


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