Stretching the noggin. Learn a new language.

Stretching the noggin. Learn a new language.
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Right now I am sitting here trying to come up with a SEO appropriate title for this blog post and keep coming up short. I want to be clever and all that. It is so hard to keep up with everything when your life revolves around two smaller humans. My life is nothing but Peppa Pig , thomas the train, and Bluey . Ok as well as uncontrolled messes caused by family. How can I stay sane? How can I stretch the old noggin?

I have given a lot of thought to this problem. And coloring helps with my anxiety and puzzles too. But I need to feel smarter. I feel like I am melting away. And I love learning, although Real Estate was a bust. Never have I felt so stupid than I did failing the real estate license test so many times. Chick that up to failures . I seem to have more failure than success.

So I have decided to download duo lingo and learn a new language and revisit some I was learning before. I am learning Latin. Which for those who wonder why? Why not? I want to learn it because I love ancient history and for some reason it helps me feel a connection to what I am reading about. If that makes sense. It stretches my mind I feel, it gets me to use that old noggin. I feel like I am accomplishing something.

So how to learn a new language? Well it is great to find a way to learn that works for you! I am using an app called Duolingo (not sponsored)and I browse around Pinterest and YouTube!

I also am trying to start a note book with my learning so I can read it . As I go!

Here are some other helpful tips

Learn the most common phrases. Learn the swears. Yes this is true , it can help. Read things in the language and watch the tv in it. Also note most common words. And be patient with yourself.

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