Blogging 101: How to shoot outfit photos at home

Well, Covid is surging up and up again. And it just is a mess out there. So, for safety sake and such I decided maybe should shoot more at home. Also, something weird happened at a park recently and it has me a bit freaked out some so I am going to play things safe a bit. For today’s blogging 101: how to shoot outfit photos at home!

What you need is a tripod, a phone with a camera or a camera. You need maybe some curtains and a spot with good lighting. If indoors. I have this cute spot and it can have a curtain hung up. So, to test it out I hung up a new glittery curtain to see how it would look.

Of course shooting at home has it’s drawbacks. If you have pets they can knock off things or knock over tripods. Kids will run into the picture or knock things over. Yeah sometimes they can take pictures but my kids would rather run.

To have a fashion blog, or blog in general, you don’t need a ton of money and a ton of expensive equipment. A phone, a tripod, and good lighting is all needed.

And a bit of creative ingenuity. You don’t need a remote, although it can help. You just can use the phone’s timer. Portrait mode on the iPhone is fabulous!you can also then afterwards edit pictures using free apps to make the pictures pop! And of course your own personal style in outfits, makeup or life!

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