Cutest packages and products. Winky lux

I am always looking for new products to share. Things that are cruelty free and possible vegan. And I love when these products have beautiful packaging and products are good!

Winky Lux has some beautiful packaging. It’s products are also cute and you can buy at Target! A store we all pretty much live at.Tell me the lie. We are always there. All of us, multiple times a week. We get drawn in like moths to a light . We get sucked into the damn dollar section buying shit we DON’T need but certainly want.

OK, sorry about the TArget truths. But the point is we are all there a lot and we can get this stuff even same day delivered!

So, Winky Lux! WINKY LUX! Is a brand I wanted to try for a while but didn’t. Why I do not know. But I finally did. And I mean look at that lipstick!!! So cute! The price range is mid teens to $25. The stuff is so pretty.

Of course I bought more than just Winky Lux. I also got some other good brands . The lipsticks I got were the sheer lipstick and another cream lipstick , a lipgloss and pressed powder. Things to note about the powder, no sponge and it didn’t last as long as say the urban decay stay naked powder. But not bad for a “drug store brand” I would have to say winky lux is a more prestige luxury drugstore brand. And while the powder didn’t last AS long, it did look gorgeous on. And the other thing, the lack of color options. That is a big miss there too.

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