Be unique. Be you. be unapologetic.

Self expression is something we tend to embrace as adults. Being unique is something we want everyone to embrace. But as kids it was not always like that. You had to be like everyone else. Gods forbid if you were not. If you didn’t act like everyone else, dress like everyone else, talk like everyone else ,you ran the risk of being the target of the bullies. At least in my experience that was the way it was. I remember wearing green socks with my 101 Dalmatians tee with lucky and his red collar on it. I love Christmas and honestly thought that red and green was ok together. I was picked on ALL DAMN DAY by everyone in my class, well except for my good friends in class.

That little exchange of being bullied and insulted all day. I am not exaggerating either, shit sticks with you as a child into adulthood. Believe me. It does. And it still makes me question everything I wear. Whether I like it or not.

For my adult life, I am not getting away from that bullying attack on my fashion choices. I get called an old lady because I have to wear compression socks due to a MEDICAL condition. And also get verbally assaulted for wearing a freaking wig like I have on here in this very blog post for my Trichotillomania! And it makes me feel shamed for wearing them.

So what to do? As I have stated in many of my posts, wear the stuff! Don’t apologize for it! I know I need to follow my own freaking advice. I know but it is easier said than done. But we need to remember we are all unique and all have a sense of style to our own. Yes we may mimic the “it crowd” but we do things in our own way. Meaning we style our stuff our own way. And I have noticed as I get older I am starting to dress the way I always have wanted to! Hence the princess Selkie gowns you see a lot! That is me! That is who I actually am a weird eccentrically dress wacko! And I love it! I wear crowns because I feel it makes me feel good about me! And I wear what I wear because I can.

I mean ok doesn’t mean I should. But where is the fun in that? Now if you will excuse me, I need to put on my compression socks and accept that part of my life!


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