You don’t need permission to wear the dress

This is like my fourth dress from Selkie. I swear I am obsessed with this puffy girly brand. One thing I hear a lot wearing fancy stuff like this, although I don’t consider it so, is I don’t have anywhere to wear it to. As if you need permission to even wear it at home... Continue Reading →

Selkie Gingham maxi skirt

So, I bought a Selkie maxi skirt! I have a bit of a Selkie obsession. To say I didn’t would be a grave miscalculation. I adore this brand. ADORE! The clothes are so beautiful and well made. They are just a dream to wear. This gingham maxi skirt is so beautiful. It has an elastic... Continue Reading →

Beach day and crazy kids

I love taking my kids to the beach. I love it! But man oh man this time they were really pushing it with the whole not listening to parental units. You see both my boys are autistic. And beach days can be a hectic time for us. They get excited and run off. As most... Continue Reading →

Mom life

Ok, so here is a basic obligatory mom life outfit. You know the basic bitch outfit we mom’s tend to acquire upon leaving the hospital with kid in tow. Some embrace the “look “ quickly. Others take a while.Nothing wrong wrong with either of it. This whole thing also makes me think of this sketch... Continue Reading →

Cutest packages and products. Winky lux

I am always looking for new products to share. Things that are cruelty free and possible vegan. And I love when these products have beautiful packaging and products are good! Winky Lux has some beautiful packaging. It’s products are also cute and you can buy at Target! A store we all pretty much live at.Tell... Continue Reading →

Be unique. Be you. be unapologetic.

Self expression is something we tend to embrace as adults. Being unique is something we want everyone to embrace. But as kids it was not always like that. You had to be like everyone else. Gods forbid if you were not. If you didn’t act like everyone else, dress like everyone else, talk like everyone... Continue Reading →

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