Blogging with the kid and the unexpected

Well, we are at home in quarantine. The boy’s OT has Covid so we are home and all that being safe. Which is fine, but when you want to do blog stuff it is almost a given that they want to be involved. I mean really involved.

My boys love doing what ever fun thing mama is doing as I am sure most kids are like that. My boys are happy to run back and forth hitting the button to take the pictures and get into shot. Which is not normally a problem when you are taking pictures in a normal dress. Which this dress is anything but normal.

From the front it is a normal tee shirt dress, and that is certainly what I thought when I bought it. Then I put it on and if you look at the above and into the mirror, you will see a slit that would even make Elsa from Frozen blush!It is an awkward thing to have on a Mickey Mouse dress I think. I may be wrong but I don’t know.

The dress is cute and all that but man oh man does it showcase my Diasastis. And of course, after this I put on bike shorts so I could be more comfortable chasing my littles around.

I got this Disney dress at Target. I am wearing a size medium and it does run small. E’s unity tee for Pride is also Target.

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