The matching set by Chicwish

I don’t always like showing off my belly. My mom bod, my tum tum, my blerb belly.And after wearing a crop top before I just didn’t feel comfortable or rather didn’t like how it all looked together. But with this, this outfit, which the set is by CHICWISH(not sponsored I just like this brand) I didn’t feel self conscious I felt pretty ok! I think I have lost a little weight and while I have some loose tummy skin and still the diasastis I didn’t feel like a sausage.

To make this outfit more friendly with me and be less mean mugged by the masses while out(it has happened before with many outfits) I wore my fave cotton white cardigan I bought a while ago from Asos, and I really honestly feel everyone should have a couple of nice soft cotton cardigans for fall and winter. This one is not available anymore, but I will link to more below.


I am super happy with this set, I did get it in a medium size. I think that was a good fit. As the large would have been a bit too loose on me. Even though it would be more comfy on my mid section. Loose fitting is always best there thanks to the above mentioned issues. Anyways, this set from Chicwish does come in many colors and I just adored the blue set! I am glad I got it in this blue! So pretty!

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