Styling those Compression socks.

Ok, So I am one of many lucky people that have the pleasure of needing to wear compression socks. I was supposed to wear them years and years ago, but just could not make myself do it. I thought they were ugly, and they were. Still many are. But then I decided that I really need to accept this part of my illness and this whole bit of wearing compression socks. I mean I already wear corsetry for my back and sciatica. And wigs for dealing with my trichotillomania. Why not add the damn socks?

I sewed on bows to my socks, I figured it would help. It did and people love how cute they look. Or so they say outside of social media. For this look I also went with monochrome coloring. Sometimes you can not beat black and white outfits.

If you have to wear compression socks there are so many styles available now. So many available, and of course you can opt for the traditional skin tone kind but where is the fun in that? I mean really? None. If you have to wear these squeezed torture socks of dread might as well have fun with them!


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