Another Selkie dress

You are all going to think that I don’t own anything else other than these dresses. Honestly I adore them! Selkie is just a great brand. I love the way the dresses fit, the brands message, and just how these gowns make me feel! So beautiful!Ok, and really quick. I wear a size medium and one thing to keep in mind is the damn zippers. I had to replace the pink dress zipper because it didn’t want to zip and it broke. So, thankful I can sew! All that aside I do love the dress!

Once again my anxiety was in full force and I was feeling so weird about being out and taking pictures. But as an “influencer” and or blogger I need to work on that again! By the way I use the term influencer loosely because I feel I do not influence anyone whatsoever. Like who am I influencing? Anyways, this dress just is perfection and my compression socks look fab with it!

That and my new Adidas! So cute and comfy and holographic! My son wanted a pair of his own Adidas and so I got him a nice blue pair, as he loves blue! We need to work on shoe tying now.

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