Drama dress and lots of stress

Ok, I feel like I have been a bad blogger. Not been keeping up with the site as much as I want to. Depression and stress will do that to you. No sleep too because kids not sleeping ever will do that too. To most this would be nothing but excuses, but you try writing up a blog post on something that is a hobby on no sleep while wallowing in self pity and loathing. It is not easy. Trust me the stress has been so bad lately that my hair pulling is at an all time high and I have no control over it at all I feel any more. I hate myself for that.

I have two kids on the spectrum as well as myself and balancing appointments and all that is hard on someone who also may have ADHD on top of it all. Chaos is my brain. And maybe that part of my brain is also why I pull too. And bite my nails. Yeah I am sure you came to this blog to read about my issues, but then maybe you have similar issues and maybe you need to know you are not alone. And honestly it is another reason I keep blogging. It helps me.

I get to shoot my fave looks or create looks for the blog and yes, I really do wear these things. I don just have them for photo sake. I really wear them. And speaking of shooting, I had every intention of shooting this dress not in my house. But, anxiety got the better of me. You see, I often take pictures alone and with just my friend on my phone with me so I have someone to talk to. I don’t really have any support for my blog. OK I do not have someone supportive of it at home at all. Those of you who do have that, you are so lucky. And I am envious.

Anyways, I went to go shoot this Selkie dress in many spots outside and it just was not to be. Plus I also do need to alter the dress. It is way to long for my short self.

I absolutely love these dresses from Selkie. The puff dresses are so beautiful and fun to wear! The way they make you feel like a queen is all sorts of perfect! I honestly can not get enough of them! I now own 3 of these puffy garments of glory. Blue, black and pink dresses. Now if I can just get around to shooting them the way I really want to in the place I want to.

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