Read a book or I tried to

I have kids, and that means that sometimes reading is not something that tends to happen.I don’t know why but whenever I pick up a book my family needs me. “Mommy!!!” Or my husband “hey let me talk your ear off now.” This is one of the many reasons I could never study for real estate because no one leaves me alone. There is no “me time” here. My day is full of keeping kids quiet enough for my husband to work from home. Trying to get the kids to all their appointments while forgetting all of mine. Worrying about dinner, it is a lot for me.It also makes me pull at my hair more.

Reading a book has been a hard under taking. When I sit down to read as I said before everyone needs me then. When I sit down to read my brain starts going off on a tangent. Then the guilt starts weighing me down with “why are you being lazy”. I wish I could sit and do so, I used to. But not anymore it seems. I have new books unable to read because I just can not.

There is magic in books and I really want to be a part of that magic..If only for a little while.


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