Edwardian inspired dress not Victorian

I got this dress a bit ago from a shop I follow on instagram. And it is such a pretty Edwardian styled dress. I just love wearing it! Funny thing I started to write this up yesterday, and then got sidetracked by kids and their appointments. Such is mom life and what not.

Now the title of this blog post, I guess I should address that. For the longest time I would confuse Victorian and Edwardian styles. I and many others will say things like the Victorian styles of the Titanic and whatnot, not realizing that we are speaking of Edwardian fashion and style and invention. Victorian is Civil War era Edwardian is that 1900’s fashion and stuff. I really got this nailed home with Hidden killers of the Edwardian home and same title with Victorian home . Yup then following historical fashion accounts. A ooooooohhh moment was had.

It was so incredibly humid out the day I shot these pictures that I just had to eventually give up on it and go back to the car and sit in the AC. I got home and had tp change because of how gross I felt after being outside for only half an hour! Florida in summer time, yuck.


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