My Buttercup skirt. Handsewn by me.

I needed something to call this skirt, so I came up with the Buttercup. And It is all sewn and designed by me! Which I am super proud of. One thing before I get into things a bit is that I know you can see the dress I had on under it. I forgot to bring pins with me to pin it up properly. And also it is so humid I could only get so many pictures of it. The camera was fogging up so badly!

I love tulle skirts and pretty things like this in general. And after owning a couple of Selkie dresses I figured it was my turn to try and make something myself. Which I did, and I feel it turned out great for my first try! I decided to call this yellow chiffon skirt is Buttercup.

Did I follow a pattern? Yes and no. I started out with one, but then changed it. I added layers. And yeah I ended up with this cute skirt! The buttercup!

I started with the pattern, and as I said made changes. It wasn’t easy. I haven’t been making things for myself long. And the seams kept ripping. I have trouble with getting sizing right. Or understanding. Next time will be better. I took away the elastic and put in a zipper. The skirt size is large around the hips and a small to medium on the waist. I did basic stitching. Hand stitching for the gathering and then some other kinds of stitching for the fabric to not un ravel. It has 3 layers. A soft bottom layer and then 2 chiffon tulle layers and a satin bit. Originally too I wanted to do a maxi skirt but changed my mind. I am actually glad I did.

I am obsessed with this skirt. And love how it turned out!!!! What do you think?

Bag: rented from Vivrelle Gucci // Dress purchased on instagram from Anne tique // Shoes SHEIN

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