Pink hair pink dress

I am recycling pictures from outfits that were at one point from my last blog.The outfit photos were shot in January of this year.This dress was beautiful cute pink print dress with Egyptian revival print. I had pink hair pink dress. The dress was rented from Rent the Runway, and I actually only wore it for this shoot. The dress stunk, literally. I couldn’t wear it longer than this.

I have been a bit behind on the blog. I have been having the worse time being kept on track. It isn’t a lack of inspiration, it is my damn brain being in all sorts of places and because I am making some clothes for the blog I have been a bit behind on things. Not that anything is sponsored. Still I like to have content on the blog,I do this all for me.I mean who wouldn’t want sponsored content? Got to pay those bills right? But for now it is all for me.

I know this post is a bit all over the place, but it reflects how my mind is. Which my mind is Everywhere. Kids, husband,laundry,bills, what to make for goes on and on. I find it hard to shoot pictures because I get so exhausted, I am up constantly in the night. My kids and my own body being stupid. It sucks.And I have no energy.

I am trying though and that is all I can I do, right?

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