Edwardian chemise Skirt.I made this!

Ok, so I am really getting into making my own stuff lately. I have been super inspired by fashion of years gone by. And I mean really gone by. We are talking hundreds of years gone by to 100 years on. Yeah. I have been wanting to take clothes from different eras and taking inspiration from them to make updated versions of them. For instance, this Edwardian chemise skirt made by me!

I went out and bought a ton of patterns from Joann fabrics of Edwardian and Victorian undergarments to make them into something wearable today. As outer layers and also if so inclined under garments too. This skirt is part of a chemise dress you wear under your dresses. But I split it up into two different pieces. A skirt and top. The top was remade and oh so much better. I will shoot it when I get a zipper. Anyways.

Looking at more inspo.

I wanted to use fabrics that are soft and comfy. I took away a clasp closure and opted for a looser bit of elastic. The skirt is so comfortable you can sleep in it. (I did on the couch) I did a more medieval hem on the bottom to stop fraying of the flannel cotton. Since the fabric is cotton it is super breathable as well as soft. Note not intended for kids sleepwear this fabric.


Styling this was simple I took out one of my many corsets and wore it under. Yup. The Edwardian ladies would be shocked I am sure but this is fashion of yesterday worn today. Would never have dressed like this in the 1900’s myself. Come on.

New jewelry from freya treasures love the Greek inspiration!

Had way too much fun making this and styling it!

The pattern used was McCall’s costumes 7915 which is getting harder to find .

Corset from Corset story.

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