Shein off shoulder midi dress

Shein off shoulder dress

Good Morning, friends. Shein Off shoulder Midi dress, I wish I had a better title than just what the heck I am wearing. I know I have been seemingly ignoring the blog, sort of. Truth is I have been making some clothes for myself. Inspired by Victorian, Edwardian, and earlier fashions. Even Ancient Rome! My next project will be a dress with modern fabrics inspired by Roman “well to do ladies” garments. I know it is a daunting task since patterns are really not accurate what so ever. And so this means I will have to do it all myself! Make the patterns and then go from there. Research and make it “close” .

Shein off shoulder midi dress

SHein off shoulder midi dress

I am probably going to break down and buy a dress form of some sort. This will be a fun project to do and then shoot! I can not wait to get started. But you know, the first thing is to do the pattern. Yep.

The dress I have on is one by SHein, which is a great place to shop, they have just about everything. Wigs, home decor, pet stuff. They have a lot of goods on their site. I have shopped with SHEIN for years and years. I have never had a problem when I buy from them. (Now that I said that I probably will.)

Shein while cheap, the clothes are not terribly badly made. Yes there are instances where things did not fit. Swimwear mostly. But, the rest of it I never had issue with and the shoes are something I buy often from them. As I am terrible with shoes.

You can shop my look here:




Bag ( not available but this one is nice too!)




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