Hand sewn Edwardian chemise crop top

Ok, so I made a thing! I hand sewn an Edwardian chemise crop top! Well, I originally was just going to make it all one piece. And then was like screw it! I will make these things separate. And then I decided to add some sparkle and instead of making it exactly to the pattern I went with a more modern approach and did it my way with turning the top part of the dress into the crop top.

It was a learning experience.

Firstly, I realized that I forgot how to read patterns. And had to YouTube how to do that….again. And once again had trouble with left and right. Once I got the patterns cut out, I then had helpers help me. And by helping I mean they ran back and forth on the fabric as I was doing pattern placements. Fun.

The pattern called for folds and I honest had no idea how to do that! So once again, YouTube. And then I hand sewn it all. It isn’t perfect, the top. And I cut the band on the bottom too short. I may have to redo that one. Maybe. This to me was a “mock up” . Meaning a first attempt. The second attempt will be better!

The other thing is I wore, for the first time in ages a strapless bra. Ugh, now I remember why I don’t bother with them anymore. So it made the shirt look a bit weird due to the bra slipping. My second attempt to this top may also be a bit longer.

What do you think?

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