Pretty things and butterfly wings.

I love my Selkie In the Clouds Maxi dress. It is all the pretty things and butterfly wings! This dress is one of my faves and YES I wear it A LOT. So you may get tired of seeing this one, until I get my new pink Selkie Dress. Then you will see that one a lot.

I have seen a lot of people talk about where to wear things and how. And I often wonder how people actually dress outside of blog posts and outside of instagram. Like real outfits, real style and such not only styled for the gram, but real. Do people who historical fashion do they dress that way all the time? Fairy core, do they? Do people dress super fancy every day? Or do they just do that for a few instagram shots and then get back into the joggers and tees? These are questions I ask myself every time I step out the door wearing a “fancy pants” dress. Honestly I do not view this dress as super fancy. It can be yes given the right accessories. But, I really think you should be able to wear whatever. Anyone else sick of their Covid style? I see a lot of people revamping their style after being stuck at home for about a year.

How do you really dress?

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