Selkie Fall/winter 2021

I absolutely love my Selkie puff dress. The whimsical puffy fanciness of it. Yeah a bit extra of course for an every day outfit, but then if you need a reason to wear anything you might as well just live in joggers. Which I do. And honestly, I am sick of it. OK maybe not but you know. I recently, got a email from Selkie, was hoping my preorder was shipping my birthday gift to me from ME.But, alas not. It was an invite to the Selkie fall/winter 2021 fashion show. it was virtual, but oh so beautiful. Things were inspired by the Queen of France Marie Antoinette.

I will include some images from the show.

[metaslider id=1221]

The show was so beautiful and I definitely got the Marie Antoinette vibes from it! You can watch the show at 


I believe they are pre-ordering many of the pieces from the collection over at you can also view the show more there too.

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