How social media has helped me.

How social media has helped me.
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Hey friends, I had the most exhausting day. Most exhausting. First the day started out with my oldest appointment with ot then my youngest. Both my boys are autistic. And today I had appointments for me as well for my own mental health

You see I struggle with many things and while I am not going to label them all as I am going through rediagnosing of things. I will say that social media as much as we all love to hate it has helped me.

Yes there is harm in it as the blog goes with the comparison game. But there is a whole other side to it. A side of it with many people who are like me. Struggled with eating disorders, bpd,body dysmorphia, adhd, autism late diagnosis, body confidence, and I could go on and on. Spiritual views etc. I found people who are going through journeys with things similar to mine. I have found others who believe in magical things and science. People who struggled with their own body issues after having kids and it all made me realize , I was not alone. People who have children with autism or other medical needs.

I was not alone. It helped me not fully relapse into the anoerexic phase and be more kind to myself. I hate my body don’t get me wrong I hate the way my tummy looks and the diastasis and the way my chest looks and think that is also a contributing factor for my back pain.

I know as with most things there is good and bad. Especially social media, I guess the way to look at social is objectively.

And sometimes you need to step away from it too.


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