Afforadable style is more than tee shirts and leggings.

Afforadable style is more than tee shirts and leggings.
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Ok, so Happy Monday! And also wanted to talk about affordable style, it is more that tee shirts and leggings. Often when we think of affordable fashion we think of the good old tee’s and jeans and leggings or shorts. Sometimes we throw a tee shirt dress in there or two. But affordable style can also be the fancier stuff. If you know where to look. This outfit for example I have on is mostly the affordable stuff, an investment belt sure, but the skirt and tee and shoes (not pictured, yet) are super affordable. These things can also be dressed up or down. Which I think is great.

There is an issue with shopping for these items though. Fast fashion. Which is a problem I know, but that in kind is also making me miss my Rent the runway. Another thing though is you still need those basics and still need the other stuff. I try to hold on to things as long as I can. I mean if the tee smells like bo, and can not get it out then yes it gets turned into a wash rag for cleaning the house and stuff or tossed. Sorry. Florida is hot and sometimes, that happens. The tee I have on is from Target and the skirt and shoes are from SHEIN. Which yes is a fast fashion shop. But, I do try to hold on to things as I said before. Unfortunately, after this shoot my cat got ahold of the skirt and the hole was not repairable. Sad to say that. Silly boy he is.


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