Rose Quartz

I have this thing for rocks. And have a thing for the color pink. Shocker I know since I don’t wear it all that often. Hmm. Anyways,I was inspired by the stone to do a makeup look surrounding around the stone.

For centuries, people have had crystals. Either for jewelry or for healing purposes, magic, or religious purposes. More recently people collect for their beauty and perhaps healing. Then a small section of us magic too. Of course with modern science it is hard to imagine that they continue anything mystical.

Rose quartz as you see here, is a crystal of love . This doesn’t just mean romantic love. It could mean motherly or fatherly love. Unconditional love. The color pink is a color of compassion and caring. As well as forgiveness and of course that good old romantic love, and unconditional love. Pink is a color of friendship too and of girly things. To me it brings happiness.It makes me smile. So, yeah I have them everywhere.

A great use for this stone is to carry one around with you after an argument with a loved one to heal from it.

It is also great to use for Regret. Lie down place the stone over your heart. Using affirmations are great here, My therapist says it is good to say things that are nice to you.

“ I move on from the regrets of my past. I forgive myself.”

If you start balling your eyes out here that is ok, that is part of the healing process.Let it out.

For this makeup look, I used a bit of Tarte Shape tape concealer and Urban Decay Stay naked pressed powder. No foundation. And Then for contouring I used some Tarte Bronzer and Milani Pink blush. To do my eyesI used the Juvia’s place palette the Berries. It has all these gorgeous shades of pink. Then I got out my Big Bang Lipstick by Urban Decay along with the matching lip liner. Mascara and then eyeliner. That is it!

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