Jurassic park

Jurassic park
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Welcome to Jurassic Park! I love Dinosaurs and this was a fave movie when I was a kid! I had dinosaur toys and even snuck them into my backpack to be my backpack buddies for the day. Yup, I would watch all the dinosaur nature videos.All of them. Good times. I was a bit Dino obsessed.


So the fact my kids love dinosaurs as much as me makes me so happy! Them loving the same “nerdy” things as me is so wonderful to me.


I decided to wear this top with my white shein linen pants. Which I forgot why I don’t always wear them. Linen wrinkles easily! Still I love it for summer. I see why Ancient Egyptians wore linen, it is light and keeps you cool and comfy. ALthough the materials may be different. Non-natural man made vs all natural fibers. I have a pair of natural fiber linen pants from Farm Rio that I love wearing. I need to get those out of the closet and wear them again!

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