Recent Ulta buys.

Recent Ulta buys.
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First off, I tried to go to Ulta without my littles. That worked so well. Honestly, it didn’t. I took them along for my errand of new shampoo for my husband and I. We both use different kinds as we oth have different needs for our hair. I need hydration and frizz control. He need scalp and healing. I also make sure things are cruelty free.

While at Ulta I got the shampoos and then remembered I needed new brushes. I have been obsessed with using Morphe brushes. My faves are by them. I got myself a new eye kit of brushes and was happy about that. I also picked up their Coca Cola mascara , my Tarte was ran dry at home and I needed new. Also grabbed some new Glamnetic lashes. Look if you have trouble with applying lashes get some Glamnetic. They are so cool!

I then got a new moisturizer by Tarte to try and see if the full size is worth getting. We shall see!


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