This little shein dress again .

Ok I know I have worn this dress before here on the old blog! I know. But, honestly, with my kid not sleeping and my own self having issues. I rewear and reshoot outfits a lot. Yup. I mean who doesn’t wear the same things over and over again. Not every style blogger has an endless closet of clothes to where she never wears the same thing twice. It would kind of be a bit weird. Right? I mean historically speaking people way back in the day before the 1900’s and mass produced clothing would wear the same thing over and over. They would alter, change, repair things over an over. Even some of the rich would. Clothes took a long time for some to make. And many women and men only owned a few corsets as they too were not mass produced and expensive. (To be honest a good, custom corset will still cost ya!)

So, yeah I am wearing the dress. Again, wearing it again but with different accessories. Like the shoes and what not. Accessories can be a great way to cheaply change up your wardrobe.

When I wore this dress, I had every intention of wearing it out of the house. Then my toddler bumped me and my tea went all over it! The joys of children, am I right?


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Maybe one day I will get to wear it out. I am starting to get tired of joggers. As comfy as they are.

Dress// sandals// bag// belt

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