Ok wont wear that again.

Ever look at an outfit online on a storefront and thing wow, that is so cute! I will look amazing in this! It gets to you in the mail and then you try it on. It still looks gosh darn fab! That is until you wear it in public. You wear it in public and realize that not only do you not look right in it, but also that the top doesn’t fit right with a bra that has the proper support. YIKES!

It seemed cute enough. But the vulnerability you feel when you wear a top like this, especially when you have self confidence issues, makes it all the worse. You feel like people are thinking “ew.” And then you wonder if being in your 30’s means you need to stop showing the belly?

Although it feels like most tops are crop tops lately. Anyways, I wonder if I am having that fashion oops moment? That go home fashion you are drunk moment. I seriously thought I looked great in the mirror at home, although the top was making me annoyed. Still we went shopping and I ended up buying two new tops and then putting one over what I had on in the car. Not a great moment.But it was a teaching moment for my kids too. “Wear what you feel comfortable in. It will make you love yourself and boost confidence.”

And I will more than likely never wear this again. Plus My top was ripped Near the back, it ripped when I picked up my son out of his little car seat.Yup. I take that as a sign. And I will never wear this again. Nope. The pants yeah, the whole outfit together? Never.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t wear it! You may love and look amazing in it, I mean on fire fabulous!

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