Check out my Pajamas.

I went to the store to grab fresh fruits for my boys, I felt I was being stared at. Could be the fact I had no makeup on and I looked like this

Or maybe the fact I had pajamas on. Yup, I woke up late had less than 4 minutes to be out the door to get my son to occupational therapy. I put on deodorant, made sure a bra was on, grabbed my bag and sandals and then was out the door.

Yeah. I mean you really wouldn’t know it unless you really shop at Target. A lot of Target runs. Honestly, let’s be honest here. Who hasn’t worn some sort of pjs out of the house at some point? You know you have!

Oh well, at least I was comfy and cute? Right? It also could be weird seeing people without masks on in places. Honestly, I usually wear them in stores still, even vaccinated. But, the mask mandate was lifted here and so some stores are not all requiring people to wear masks anymore. I felt weird honestly not wearing one and also guilty as hell. Even though people were not wearing any except the employees for the most part.

Anyways, I do own 3 pairs of this “look”

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