Hey at least you tried! 5min makeup

Today I felt like utter poop. I had things to do still even though I am sick. So I had to put on some makeup to go with my “hey at least you tried “ outfit . So I went with 5 minute makeup. Yep. Nothing fancy, no eyeliner. My eyes barely could handle shadow and mascara.

5 minute makeup, for me, means simple. Some powder foundation (I love this one by urban decay) a touch of blush so as to look “alive” . I didn’t use concealer because well I felt too crappy to mess with it. I put on some matte eyeshadow and added my mascara. Then came liquid lipstick. Which completes the “you tried” makeup look. Honestly, I could have gone with out all of it and just zombied my way through the day. But I didn’t want to scare other people’s kids with my glorious Face. My kids are used to me and my sick face. So they deal.

In short, when not well but you need a touch of something grab a great powder foundation a bit of pink or roses blush. Unless you are already flushed then add a tiny bit of shimmery bronzer instead as your blush. Anywho, I put on some eyeshadow . Only used 1 brush and my finger a bit. And my tarte mascara. Boom done. Some lips in a more pinky or reddish neutral shade. It actually took less than 5 mins but I took longer because I needed to rest my head on my vanity and groan like I was about to go resident evil on my family. (Just kidding!been playing the remastered on Xbox)

Still it is a great bit of makeup if you want some and just want a little makeup and not complete full face


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