Finally a full day out of the house.

Finally a full day out of the house.
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Fully vaccinated WOO! And so with that I piled my children into the car and went out to Daytona Beach. We didn’t go to the beach per say but we did go to the outlets for a while. I needed a new wallet, the boys needed some shorts and sandals. And it was a good time to get some of the shopping for Father’s Day out of the way. Unique gifts and some wardrobe update for him. He doesn’t like to shop, so I do it. Because , well, I do enjoy shopping.

Not only that, but I also let my toddler pick out my outfit. He helped, I picked out the tee and he picked the pants. Which is why I am wearing Mickey Mouse pants with this Shein Graphic tee. And of course flip flops a Florida staple and this cute Prada bag, rented from Vivrelle. Honestly I haven’t had the urge to buy a new bag at all since getting this membership. I just rent a new bag every month. It is fun!I did as I said bought a new wallet.

What we bought:

But, yeah my littles chose the pants. Over all not a bad job helping mommy choose.

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