One beautiful Affordable dress

One beautiful Affordable dress
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I am always looking for beautiful dresses. Ok, well maybe not always. But I do tend to look at them a lot and think about where I could wear them. Answer being anywhere, because I am always home! But, I did find this dress from Shein. It is one beautiful affordable dress!

I have a similar dress to this one in a butterfly print. It is blue and has long sleeves. The rest of the dress style is the same. The bodice and skirt are the same. Fabric is both chiffon and flows in a sense. Also, the print is different. What I also love is the fact that both are super affordable and made pretty well. And if you love the Selkie style but can not afford it(even with Klarna or something like after pay) then this style may work for you. This chiffon floral puff dress Would be a great dress too for a guest to a summer wedding.

I also wore some new shoes from Shein that l bought recently. They are flats which I have been wearing more lately. Hard to justify heels when you never leave the house much. And if you wear shoes in the house someone makes a noise about it. *insert eye roll here*

OH, the handbag I have with me is a beautiful Prada small Saffiano bag in black. Which I rented from Vivrelle. You can rent Prada or Gucci here $99 a month for the rental!

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