Skinny jeans and corsetry

Skinny jeans and corsetry
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Today’s outfit was skinny jeans and corsetry. Something that is very on trend and if you don’t like skinny jeans then try with your jeans of choice. I haven’t bought new jeans in over a year because I rarely wear them. And if you follow along my instagram and here on the blog , I am sure you are in no way surprised by that. I know I am not! I live in loungewear. Last post, really sums up why.

I will say this about these jeans they seem loose. Last year before covid they fit more snug. They weren’t even loose around the shin! But looking at my pictures today while editing them. I noticed they looked loose.

Iguess the exercise is paying off?

This corset is another by Corset story. Bag rented from Vivrelle. Shoes from shein. Jeans and shirt Target.So yeah that is my look. I think a great way to try corset fads , like with cottage core and stuff . The easiest way is with a simple pair of jeans. Whatever style you prefer.

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