Small business Saturday. Loving Thyself Rocks.

HI guys it is time for small business Saturday! A new thing I am going to start doing here on Glamorously Steph, where I share some small businesses and their goods. Today we are going to talk about Loving Thyself Rocks!

Since I was a kid I loved to collect rocks. Let me tell you I was really really obsessed with collecting rocks. I had a lot of rocks. And if the rocks were shined and smooth even better. I loved rocks that had a bit of crystal formation too. I was a bit well..yeah obsessed is the best word for it, I guess.

Eventually my rock collection was discarded, it was getting out of hand and I lost interest. I think I got made fun of for it somewhere and it killed it for me. Yup, love when that happens. Don’t you?

Then as an adult, I decided to get more into it. I always wanted Crystals. Those beautiful shiny rocks. The obelisk style rocks. That’s what I wanted to glow up to. Which I did.

On instagram while browsing around I saw the shop Loving thyself Rocks. They had beautiful Larimar rocks and other crystals. So, I went to their Etsy shop and bought my first crystals. Which ended up on my hubby’s desk. He love that stuff too.

Their crystals are high quality and they send you cards explaining what the crystals can be used for. I go with a more “witchy” approach to crystals and just well they are beautiful. The other thing is that the shop is reasonably priced and ship fast. They are also located in Florida!

The owners are Rachel and Joel, their company was founded in 2018. Starting as a blog about crystals and self love. Also selling chakra sets to beginner crystal users. The business grew and grew from there. Their story is really great to read about and I highly recommend that while you are looking around their etsy that you take a look at their profile for the whole story.

If you want to explore rocks and crystals from Loving thyself Rocks then click on over to their site!

Thanks for reading!

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