Have a great weekend.

I wanted to pop on here and say have a great weekend! I have a lot of house work(exciting right?) and outdoor stuff planned with the kids. I have been having some great success with flowers and plants lately and was super thrilled when my orchid bloomed! I am hoping that the cats wont eat the flower. The solitary flower it has. There were 2 other buds but caterpillars burrowed into them and they sadly had to be removed.

I am hoping they will eventually grow back. I also had to move my roses they were planted in a lot of shade and are not happy there. S, hopefully the move made them happy again.

And then I bought my boys something I have been wanting to buy for them since before the youngest was even born. A FREAKING BOUNCEY HOUSE! I was never allowed to buy one for the kids. My spouse considers kid toys in the back yard “white trash” or “tacky” excuse me, we have kids. What do you expect them to do when outside? And who the hell is looking in our back yard going “hey they must be white trash..they have a kid’s play yard and a sandbox. How dreadful!” That doesn’t happen and NO ONE EVER COMES OVER! Also a bounce house you HAVE to deflate and roll up after use. Every year we get into a fight about this around this time. And I always cave and say “yes, you are right. I am wrong. Whatever you want.” Because going along with it is easier, much easier than standing up for myself and arguing that the kids need outdoor fun things. We get, or I get the kids a new blow up pool every year. It gets ruined by Bears or raccoons after only a few days. The pools never fit on the back porch. It also takes half a day to blow them up! A bouncy house blows up in a few mins.

I figure this will be great for when the kids can start having birthday parties again and July 4th! I mean kids love bouncy houses. So, I mustered up my inner strong woman(which is still pretty damn pathetic at best) went to Target and bought it. It was labeled at store as $399 but the app said $199 and so I got 5% off with red card. Then used money from Target circle of $9.97 and $10 in gift cards. So I got it really cheap, considering online it is $499.00 at some retailers or $399 at Target at one point. The price I paid was worth it. My happy boys is worth it. Me being able to sit in water too? WORTH IT!

So this outfit was a great outfit. Love the skirt and the top with it’s floral print and puffy sleeves. Very on trend at the moment. Right? Love it! If I say I love it one more time..

You can shop the look

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