New easy to assemble Vanity from Wayfair.

New easy to assemble Vanity from Wayfair.
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OK, so since I was a little girl I dreamed of having a vanity. When I was small I was so jealous of a friend who had a pink plastic Little Tikes vanity with mirror and bench. I would sit at it when she and I would play at her house. Then that love affair with the plastic kids vanity would evolve to an epic need for a “big girl” vanity with mirror and lights. My love of makeup and hair fueled by my obsession with Barbies and My Little Pony.

The newer Version of the Little Tikes Vanity.

I wanted to get one so bad. And every time it was on my Christmas List or list of something else. OR as an adult with money saved up something would happen and I would be without. My dreams never caught up. Then my husband suggested I use his Scandesign desk. Which by the way is an absolute SHIT set up for a vanity. It is a dest that is pulled out. The mirror has to be lifted up. You have to put the mirror back down to get to the drawers. A chair doesn’t fit very well. A shit set up.

Grinch approves of the vanity. He thinks it is for him!!! Cats…I tell ya.

Finally I had enough. And so I went on to Wayfair and got myself a freaking vanity. A white one to go with my night stand. I got this thing about white furniture lately. I found this one, that has everything I want. It has drawers, places for brushes, and a tri-fold mirror. It is the best thing and I am so very very happy. HAPPY MOTHER’S day to ME!

And I am one happy MAMA!

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