My kind of Mother’s Day . Selkie Puff dress

Yes, in some sense by some I could be considered “overdressed “ but to me nope, not at all. I bought this dress months ago and finally received it just in time for Mother’s Day. Yes, and I just had to wear it. Even if it is a lot of gown.

My Mother’s Day started with us seeing if any rest was not so busy for breakfast. It was all busy so we went with my Mother’s Day tradition of Dunkin’. Ah yes, my coffee and donut. It was perfect. And then home to let the kids play like lunatics around the back yard and do a tictok with momy. It was fun. We headed back inside for lunch and then relaxed . I decided that I needed to do a few things.

First off Selkie is a no waste design company. And I love that, I am assuming that is why they only have so many of each item at a time and that is why it takes a while to get the dress. And the. Second, have to alter the bottom of the dress. I have heels on in the top pic here and I was tripping on myself the whole time I wore the dress. The dangers of being short in a long dress. So I have to hem it a little bit, by hand. Which I’m good with. Just enough to have the flowy nature of the gown and also keep me from dying every time I wear it. Thank Hathor I was at home when I fell on my ass after stepping on the front. I didn’t get hurt, just laughed a lot.

The puff dress, reminds me of like a Disney princess dress. It also has this, I want to say Baroque vibe but I know it’s wrong(wine is involved with this post) . I just know it is beautiful and twirl and run barefoot in a castle worthy!

This dress by Selkie was so much fun to wear that I am now on the hunt for my second dress. Just deciding on what color and if it is sold out or not!

Have you heard of Selkie?

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