Taking the shirt dress up a notch.

I bought this shirt dress from SHEIN, it is part of their Motiff collection. Which is a more premium collection and I was really excited for it. Once in my possession I new I needed to take this shirt dress up a notch. And also I realized 2 things about it. 1 is that I am very short looking in this shirt dress. And two I should have gotten a medium instead of large. This dress runs a bit big.

A belt would give this dress some shape. It really needed it and also a bit of more style. On it’s own, at least on my body, it looks like some old time pajamas. I immediately grabbed a corset, and put it over the dress. I have many corsets to do this with. And my back was great full for the support. The corset I chose was this vintage inspired pink and black corset. One of my fave underbust corsets.

And I know what you are thinking. “A corset?” “Aren’t those the old torture devices by the patriarchal societies of long ago?” NO. And yes.

So corsets, a bit of a brief history going on now. I will post a more detailed version. But, corsets were more than just “torture devices” for women and men. Yes, men had their own kind of versions. Anyways, They were used to keep things in place, but more importantly it was a way to help with the distribution of weight that was brought on by the layers and layers of clothing that women would wear. Women dressed differently for the seasons. More layers in winter and less in spring. There was petticoats, there was cages under skirts, bustles. You get the picture. It was HEAVY I am sure. And a corset was able to help with that. My wedding dress was heavy and I am glad I had a corset type thing under it to help with all that bulk of underskirts and the dress itself. And seriously, many women wear spanx. So yeah. #dontjudge plus, my back needs the help.

My next corset may be som Elizabethan stays. Or front laced corset from the 1700’s. We shall see. What do you think?


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