Considering getting rent the runway again.

Considering getting Rent the runway again

I have been going through some old pictures and seeing all these pictures of my looks of rented clothes made me think. I am really considering getting Rent the Runway again. Or maybe another rental service. But I know rent the runway.. So we shall see.

Considering getting Rent the runway again

Considering getting Rent the runway again

I think about how much actually saved when I used Rent the Runway. I found myself skimming through sites like SHEIN and really just bypassing things and not shopping a lot for clothes. Shoes yes, but not really clothing. And yet with saying that I remember too why I quit Rent the Runway. The reason that I gave up a more economical sense of fashion. THe clothes were constantly sent dirty(pit stains, deodorant caked on, and stinky) or damaged to where I couldn’t wear it. That whole mess is why I haven’t gotten back on board with it all. My handbag rental with Vivrelle is worth it I get Gucci and Givenchy, the Rent the Runway i am having trouble justifying it. True they have Farm Rio and such but I ended up just buying my own because many times the garments were available to rent in my size.  Bummer poo poo I know. 

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