2nd Pfizer Covid vaccine done. Side effects.

Yes, I look like crap. I know.

Currently, I am sitting in bed again after sleeping from 12 pm to 4pm. So, let’s talk about my 2nd Pfizer Covid shot and my side effects. This will be fun and hopefully I don’t fall asleep during my writing this

So what happened?

I got my second shot at my local CVS pharmacy. I was lucky to be second in line when I got to my appointment. Which you can schedule on their website , it will also schedule your second shot. You will need your insurance card and ID for the first shot. They only needed my I’d and the vaccine card. I waited in the second line. Then got my shot. The shot didn’t hurt, it was quick. Paper cuts hurt worse. I got to sit for my 15 minutes after waiting for any adverse reaction. There were none.

What happened next? Well in Who-vile they say a few hours later she began to feel aches.

Yes, I started to get the awesome “dead arm” and then the whole body aches started. Which is a fun time to be had by all. It was not as bad as the second day. Which I ended up feeling like I had a mild flu and a small temp. My chest hurt and everything sucked. Not really hungry but I knew I needed to eat. And drink lots of water. More water means more getting through it quicker. I think? DO NOT quote me on that. I have no Idea.

I remember just wanting sleep. And when my husband got home with my son after his appointment with his speech therapist, I went to bed and didn’t rise from the dead until 4 pm. I kind of feel the same way today on this Wednesday. Nice right? NO. The body aches are just not fun and the exhaustion. Which I was not sure if it was also the fact that I hadn’t been sleeping well for a long time and my body just shut down. I am not sure how much is from the shot and how much is from being in the ER last Friday and no recouping time has been had. When you have 2 kids with asd you kind of don’t get rest. EVER.

I do think the shot is worth getting both of them. VAccination will not cause AUTSIM. I am autistic and my kids are because we were born that way. Genetics man, genetics. It will not give you some weird powers.. Although I do walk like this now

I do think it is important to get the vaccines. It is good for us to do our part. As part of the collective that is humanity. Especially for those who can not get the shot. We need to wear our masks, wash our hands, help those in need, show our kids that good exists, and get vaccinated. Because if you want to get back to a world where we can do things sort of like we all used to then do your part. You may disagree and that is fine. But know you are only hurting yourself and those around you.


John Hopkins


World health organization




P.s AS I said before I know there are those who can not get the shot due to age and medical reasons. They are of course not who I am referring to. Also any hateful or misinformed commentary will be deleted, no tolerance for hate and idiots. There is already too much misinformation going on out there I do not want it here. Thank you so much.

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